Tally finds an incrementality platform they can trust.

November 18, 2022

We get pitched measurement partners all the time, but Haus felt different. Using their experimentation platform has created immediate business value and given us the credible feedback we need to challenge assumptions and change course with confidence — and we’re just getting started.


About Tally

Tally is a debt payoff app that helps simplify and automate the process of paying off your credit card debt. With Tally, users can consolidate all of their monthly credit card bills into one payment. Tally has paid more than $1 billion in credit card debt, saving their customers millions of dollars on interest and late fees since 2015.

The Challenge

When we met the Tally growth team, they already understood the limitations and risks posed by traditional ad measurement tools. Last-click attribution tends to provide an incomplete view of the channels & strategies driving business outcomes, with even more gaps created by iOS 14.5, especially for mobile app marketers focused on in-app conversion events.

As a result, Tally has been focused on incrementality measurement as a way of enabling smarter decision making. The growth team at Tally had experience with measuring incrementality in past roles, and understood that it requires experimentation with a test and control group to understand causation. However, Tally could not find the right partner to design & run these experiments. They needed a partner who could support omni-channel test designs using trusted methodology, but they also wanted a software platform that could automate the manual back and forth that typically slows down experiment design and leaves room for human error.

The Solution

Haus is a causal inference platform that provided Tally with the tooling they needed to better understand their marketing investments. The Haus team’s deep subject matter expertise, having previously built these tools and infrastructure for companies like Google, Netflix & Amazon, along with their strong customer roster, made it an easy decision to partner together. Haus has automated each step of the experimentation process, including data ingestion, geo randomization, custom configuration to preferred degree of statistical confidence, and the results analysis. And the methodology is transparent – everything Tally sees in their results exists in their own sales data…there is no black box modeling.

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The Results

Tally has run 6 experiments through the Haus platform in just 5 months. The results have provided clarity into the business impact of key advertising channels, and have empowered the team to question previously held beliefs and assumptions about ‘must-buy’ media channels such as linear television. Tally estimates that they will redistribute millions of dollars annually from lower to higher incrementality channels & tactics, driving a 4% increase in total borrowers as a result.

Even more importantly, the process shifts with Haus have enabled Tally to increase testing velocity and execute against a long-term experimentation roadmap, which will have benefits for months and years to come.

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