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Measure incrementality, allocate budget efficiently, and maximize growth with the Haus marketing science & experimentation platform

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“The Haus platform provided us clarity in our data and led to better investments that saved us millions of dollars.”
SVP Marketing,
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“Implementing Haus was one of the best decisions we made. The insights and ROI from the first month alone paid for our Haus contract for the year.”
Connor Dault,
VP, Growth and Digital Product, Caraway
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“We've seen north of a 10x ROI on our annual investment in Haus in the first 2 months alone".”
Aaron Zagha,
CMO, Newton Living
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“[This] is one of the most valuable frameworks I’ve encountered in my career. We were able to get quick insights and condense a 30 day experiment into 2 days!”
Chelsea McClure,
Director, Customer Growth and Lifecycle, Ritual
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Answering business questions has never been easier

How incremental is each channel in my mix?
At what spend level do we reach diminishing returns?
What is the right mix of upper and lower funnel media?
Are discounts and promotional offers truly ROI positive?
What is the total impact of marketing on all sales?
Can I trust the ways ad platforms spend my budget?
Am I leaving money on the table by offering discounts?

The new standard of measurement: Incrementality


Experiments are the only way to prove that your marketing spend is driving incremental value.


Correlation-based metrics are misleading and incomplete, and privacy changes amplify attribution measurement pitfalls.

Comprehensive measurement

Comprehensive measurement

Test incrementality across all your marketing channels, identify and measure impact everywhere you sell.

fast & automated

Fast & automated

Design and launch experiments in minutes. Get results in as little as two weeks.

superior science

Superior science

Cutting-edge measurement techniques grounded in econometric models. No black boxes.

Uses data you already have

Uses data you already have

No pixels, cookies or PII. Privacy-durable solutions rooted in your own data.

We’ve done this before

We are PhD economists and data scientists who have built these solutions before at companies like Amazon and Google. We built Haus to productize and democratize these tools for everyone.

Make informed investment decisions with Haus

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