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Haus combines state-of-the-art causal inference and econometrics with experimentation to help brands measure incrementality and drive profitable growth.

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We needed a partner who could help us future proof our business as privacy changes limited the data we could use for marketing measurement. The Haus platform provided us clarity in our data and led to better investments that saved us millions of dollars.

Brian Borkowski, SVP Marketing

The Era of Relentless Audience Tracking is Over

It’s harder than ever before to understand what drives your business.

As existing solutions break down, prioritizing your own data is more important than ever.

Less reliance on 3rd party data & cookies

Validation for walled garden publisher reporting

Transparent models rooted in your own data

Haus offers privacy-durable solutions using the data you already have.

Should I build this in-house, or just use Haus?

The Haus platform unlocks data science & analytics tooling at a fraction of the cost compared to building in-house, allowing your team to focus on more strategic, custom projects.

All the heavy lifting of experiment design, data cleaning, analysis and insights are taken care of for you.

We've seen the massive investment it takes to build this infrastructure in-house