Jones Road Beauty doubles new customer orders in YouTube

June 19, 2023

We theorized that YouTube was driving more value than could be measured by clicks, and we tried triangulating a bunch of sources. We even tried our own internal lift testing, but didn’t have the resources to get there. Using Haus, we found that not only has our YouTube spend been quite profitable, but ramping up is likely going to be a very good idea.

Cody Plofker, CMO @ Jones Road Beauty

About Jones Road Beauty

Jones Road Beauty, founded by makeup artist Bobbi Brown, is a cosmetics brand offering versatile and inclusive beauty products. Their high-quality, multi-purpose cosmetics simplify makeup routines and highlight natural beauty. With clean ingredients, their foundations, eyeshadows, and more cater to various skin types and tones. Jones Road Beauty has gained popularity by offering effortless and inclusive makeup solutions that celebrate individuality.

The Challenge

The Jones Road Beauty team has been running YouTube ads but suspected that platform reporting might be underestimating the true impact. More than half of US Youtube viewing happens on TV where attribution and click tracking is severely limited. The JRB team hypothesized that YouTube was driving more value than could be measured by clicks. JRB sought to answer two key questions: how incremental is YouTube, and is there room to increase spend efficiently?

The Solution

Jones Road Beauty set up a 3-Cell test in the Haus platform. The Haus platform produced a geo split that divided the United States into thirds using a stratified sample - ⅓ of the US received standard business as usual (BAU) YT spend levels, ⅓ received 2X BAU spend levels, and ⅓ of the US represented the ‘holdout’ or control with no Youtube ads running. The holdout allowed JRB to measure incrementality of both the test cells.

The power calculator in the Haus platform ensured that a 2 week test would provide sufficient statistical power to detect lift in the primary KPI.

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The Result

The team’s hypothesis was correct! Platform and click-based reporting was understating the performance of Youtube ads. The test showed that Youtube ads at BAU spend levels drove 1.82X more orders than they were tracking via click attribution. More importantly, they learned that doubling their spend on Youtube resulted in 2.26X more new customer orders, providing evidence that they could confidently increase spend on YT efficiently. With YouTube under their belt, the JRB team is now moving on to test the effectiveness of including upper funnel campaigns to their mix in Meta.

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