New Channel Launch

The user journey doesn't always involve clicks

View-through heavy channels like TV or social may be driving business that you simply can't observe in an attribution model – either by driving direct sales or indirectly influencing other channels.

Use Haus to test and measure the effects of channels that are hard to measure.

Diversify into new channels with confidence

Maxed out in your key channels and need to diversify your media mix? Test new channels quickly to understand which ones can deliver ROI for your business.

Expand quickly into channels with no historical data

While other measurement methodologies may require historical spend on an ad channel, you can launch Haus tests across any channel, whether or not you've previously invested in it.

Jones Road Beauty doubles new customer orders in YouTube

JRB theorized that YouTube was driving more value than could be measured by clicks so they decided to test it with Haus.

Case study