Attribution is leading 
you astray

As privacy regulations tighten, click-based reporting is increasingly inaccurate. It under values upper funnel channels, overvalues lower funnel and only measures digital channels.

Advance your measurement model from correlation to causation.

Holdout tests enable you to measure true incrementality

Test and Control Experiments

Measure the incremental impact of a channel or tactic with a two or three cell experiment, using a control group to establish causation.

Measure KPIs that matters to your business and move beyond vanity metrics like impressions and clicks.

Build your testing roadmap

Create a testing roadmap using Haus personalized recommendations and templates.



Within channel

Brand vs. Non-brand keywords
Reach vs. Conversion campaigns
Click vs. Cick & view optimization
Broad vs. Intent based targeting
UGC vs. Polished creative


All up social
Stream TV vs. Linear TV
TV vs. Digital heavy media mix
Upper funnel vs. Lower funnel

Actionable Results

Granular reports including daily lift between your treatment and control groups, interactive confidence intervals, and incrementality factors to calibrate your platform, MTA, and MMM reporting.

A series of 3 incrementality tests prove brand search to be ineffective

This brand was spending a significant amount of money on Google brand search and wanted to understand if this tactic was driving incremental customer activations.

Case study