Inkbox Incrementality Testing Reveals Omni-Sales Impact Across Channels, Boosting Snap iROAS by 127%.

March 12, 2024

Haus enables everyone to ask meaningful questions and get significant results. I love finding out that Snap is incrementally viable, love the lift our retail partners realize, but what I love most is how Haus empowered my team to define and execute this test on their own.


The Challenge

As an omni-channel business, Inkbox sales occur across their e-commerce website, Amazon, and in retail stores like Walmart. Inkbox knew that their marketing efforts were driving non-direct sales, but couldn’t quantify exactly how much. Inkbox engaged with Haus in order to boost the velocity of their incrementality testing, and also to assess the impact on sales across DTC, Amazon, and Walmart. 

The Solution

The Inkbox team ran a series of tests to better understand the incrementality of all their key marketing channels. They were particularly excited about a win they uncovered in Snapchat. Inkbox used the Haus platform to run a 2-cell geo experiment for 2 weeks, spending on Snapchat in 80% of the country and “holding out” 20% of the country. The Haus platform then analyzed and reported the effects of Snapchat on both direct total revenue, Amazon total revenue and Walmart total revenue.

The Result

Results showed that the Snapchat ads drove a 4.65% lift on new customer revenue for the DTC business, a 10.91% lift on Walmart revenue, and a 5.30% lift on Amazon revenue. The incremental return on ad spend for direct revenue alone was satisfactory, but this omni-channel view uncovered additional revenue driven by Snap ads driving the holistic iROAS up by 127%. Without this comprehensive measurement, Inkbox would be blind to approximately 56% of Snapchat’s revenue impact. Inkbox used these results to calibrate internal models and reporting, and a more holistic view of performance allows them to make better investment decisions.

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About Inkbox

Inkbox, now owned by BIC, revolutionized the temporary tattoo industry with its innovative, semi-permanent tattoos. Unlike traditional temporary tattoos, Inkbox offers products that last 1-2 weeks, mimicking the appearance and experience of a real tattoo without the permanence. This unique proposition caters to individuals seeking to experiment with body art without the long-term commitment or those who wish to try out designs before making them permanent. Inkbox has built a diverse catalog of designs, ranging from collaborations with artists and brands to customizable options that allow customers to create their own unique tattoos. The company is a standout brand in the body art space.

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