A/B/C test reveals the true impact of different creative strategies for billion dollar brand.

February 26, 2024

The Challenge

This global brand ($1B+ in yearly revenue) invests in a variety of different creative approaches in paid social, and wanted to understand which angle was most impactful at driving key business metrics to help inform creative investment decisions. There were 3 primary categories of creative that they wanted to understand: polished, more expensive brand assets, influencer / UGC creative, and educational / How To creative. 

The Solution

They set up a 3-cell A/B/C geo-experiment and split the country evenly between the cells, measuring the impact on 3 KPIs: sessions, new customers, and total revenue.

The Results

The test revealed that each creative variation was working hard for different business objectives and were effective for consumers at specific stages of their journey. 

  • The Influencer / UGC creative was most effective at driving top of funnel site visits. 
  • The Polished Brand creative was most effective at driving new customers.
  • The Educational / How To creative was best at driving total revenue. 

The experiment provided evidence that the brand should continue investing in each creative content type, but helped them better refine their strategy and distribution plan, including when and where to run each set of assets, in order to maximize business impact.

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