FanDuel supercharges marketing experimentation and increases sportsbook activations by 11%.

January 24, 2023

We needed a partner who could help us future proof our business as privacy changes limited the data we could use for marketing measurement. The Haus platform provided us clarity in our data and led to better investments that saved us millions of dollars.

Brian Borkowski, SVP Marketing

About FanDuel

FanDuel is America’s #1 Sportsbook and the premier mobile sports betting operator in the U.S. FanDuel Group consists of a portfolio of leading brands across sports betting, gaming, daily fantasy sports, advance-deposit wagering, and TV/media. FanDuel Group has a presence across all 50 states and over 12 million customers.

The Challenge

FanDuel is a multi-faceted business – with several offerings that are growing & expanding rapidly. The company's growth and seasonality requires their 300+ person marketing and analytics org to fight the inertia that large organizations often face to scale operations and make decisions quickly. Their diversity of offerings also means that FanDuel has to manage a complex data structure with multiple KPIs. 

Meanwhile, FanDuel has to navigate constantly changing regulations for gambling, as different states have different laws and regulations governing gaming, as well as on the data side, where consumer privacy regulations such as App Tracking Transparency (ATT) have severely restricted how advertisers & mobile apps track users and measure their marketing.

The Solution

Looking to accelerate experimentation and drive incremental revenue, the team at FanDuel turned to Haus. Haus is a causal inference platform that enables brands to supercharge their testing efforts and quickly answer key business questions in weeks, not months. FanDuel had a number of questions – including optimal flighting, incrementality of key channels, the value of sponsorship media relative to auction based media, and the optimal media mix – that needed to be answered quickly in order to capitalize on their busy NFL season.

The Haus solution provides FanDuel with a durable alternative to platform-based attribution by reporting on how marketing drives users and revenues in FanDuel’s own books, and how it directly impacts their bottom line, solving for the gaps created by iOS 14.5 and other data privacy regulations, and helping them future-proof their marketing measurement. 

Using the Haus app, FanDuel can quickly design geo experiments with the custom configurations they need to ensure that their experiment runs across FanDuel eligible states and regions, as well as to their preferred duration, holdout size, and degree of statistical power.

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The Results

FanDuel has seen immediate value from the Haus platform. The rate of marketing experimentation at FanDuel has increased by 800%. FanDuel launched 6 experiments in Q4 2022 alone, and transformed their approach to foster a test and learn culture where key questions are answered quickly, and the business contribution of marketing is more clear than ever. 

Partnering with Haus, FanDuel was able to quickly test into new channels, media mixes, flighting strategies, and bid types – and the results were immediate & impressive. They’ve doubled down on strategies that drove significant incremental wins, and saved tens of millions of dollars in non-incremental investments. Using a ‘test and roll’ approach, FanDuel drove an 11% increase in sportsbook activations (their key business metric). FanDuel has created a working model for large organizations to streamline and centralize a testing framework that drives immediate business impact.

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