Seasonal Demand & Promotions

Confounding seasonal spend and seasonal business activity is a core flaw.

Many businesses have unique seasonality that informs how they invest in and flight their marketing. Yet, most businesses struggle to quantify whether investing more during peak season is actually driving incremental growth.

Traditional tools like MMM struggle with this too.

Testing is the only way to understand incrementality during seasonal windows.

Pinpoint exactly what paid is contributing during moments of peak seasonality, including promotional periods like BFCM, and how incrementality differs from low season.

Make informed decisions during critical times

Haus helps you make the right decisions about changes to your marketing spend, mix, and promotions strategy during changes in business seasonality.

Ritual maximizes ROI on TikTok via series of incrementality tests

Ritual optimizes TikTok strategy to drive 8% lift in incremental subscriptions.

Case study