Omnichannel Measurement

You might be missing the total impact of your marketing

Customers don't always purchase where your marketing tells them to. If you sell in more than one channel (e.g. retail, Amazon) but you only measure .com, you might be under-valuing impact.

Haus integrates with all your sales channels

Haus ingests Amazon & retail data to report total lift across all sales channels for every experiment you run.

Understand whether your spend is shifting users from one sales channel to another, or driving incremental sales you previously could not observe.

Retail A/B Testing

Haus experiments help you measure ROI on new sampling, merchandising, and other retail programs.

Double down on whats working.

Omnichannel impact included in every test

Leverage GeoLift for a comprehensive view of marketing impact across all of your sales channels, with actionable insights and clear next steps.

Thinking beyond dot com: How Newton Baby uncovered the halo effects of TikTok ads on Amazon sales.

Newton Baby measures the lift of both DTC and Amazon sales driven by TikTok ads for a clearer picture of total impact from the channel.

Case study