Cross-Channel A/B Testing

Platform A/B tests can be limiting.

Only a select few advertising platforms allow A/B testing. Moreover, you cannot deploy experiments across multiple channels, and measurement is often limited to online direct sales.

Haus enables flexible A/B tests across platforms and measurement across your key sales channels.

Deploy A/B tests across multiple channels

Test two or three treatments head-to-head within or across channels.

Create persistent treatment groups to de-duplicate and capture ad effects across multiple channels. Choose from our flexible design options when it may be impractical to run holdout tests.

Measure impact across all your key sales channels

Compare performance across any metric that matters to your business – whether that is new customers, revenue, or offline sales.

A/B/C test reveals the true impact of different creative strategies for billion dollar brand.

This test revealed that each creative variation is working hard for different business objectives and were effective for consumers at specific stages of their journey.

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