Maximize incrementality and impact of your retention efforts through personalized marketing and promotions.

Treat each customer uniquely

Blanket, one-size-fits-all treatments and offers mean you are leaving money on the table.

Optimize every customer interaction with causal AI

CustomerLift uses experimentation and cutting-edge methods to train a machine learning model that personalizes marketing treatments to drive the customer action you want.

No more blanket treatments for all.

Use CustomerLift for:

Offers and promotions

Test effectiveness and incrementality of different promotional offers, balancing engagement and profit.

Churn prediction

Learn what factors are most strongly correlated with customer churn and how to mitigate them.

Upsell and cross sell

Promote the right extras to the right customers.

Comms frequency

Optimize communication frequency for highest engagement without causing fatigue.

Satisfaction drivers

Learn what drives customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Seasonal Impact

Identify and respond to customer behavior changes due to seasonality.

“[This] is one of the most valuable frameworks I’ve encountered in my career. We were able to get quick insights and condense a 30 day experiment into 2 days!”
Chelsea McClure,
Director, Customer Growth and Lifecycle
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Identify and maximize compliers

Apply state of the art causal machine learning to identify which customers are "Compliers" and will purchase incrementally due to a treatment.

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