Haus Solutions

Brands use Haus for a simple, clear, and explainable line of sight into marketing’s contribution to key business metrics.


Set up experiments to quickly answer the business questions that keep you up at night and maximize profitability.

Working with Haus, existing customers have seen up to a 30x ROI (that's not a typo) from identifying and re-allocating budget from lower performance to higher performance channels and tactics.


Adopt a test-and-roll framework to increase your CRM experimentation velocity, and train a causal machine-learning model that treats users with the optimal message or offer to drive incremental revenue and maximize profitability.

As Customer Acquisition Costs rise, personalized offers have never been more important.


Haus is built for the teams who want to run more experiments, but are slowed down by resource constraints, tricky data pipelines, and tracking limitations.

Supercharge your experimentation practice with the Haus platform. Save time, increase throughput, and scale exponentially.


Save your data science team's valuable time. Haus configures state of the art causal models to fit your business. We clean and prep your data for model ingestion, integrating with your data infrastructure.

Customers say Haus saved their data science teams on average 25 hours a week.

With Haus You Will

  • Answer your big business questions
  • Show the effects of marketing on your own sales data - no modeled data needed
  • Measure all channels and publishers in the same way so you have comparable insights
  • Refine and optimize your promotion strategy
  • Get results in weeks, not months

Our Incentives are Shared

Our mission is to empower you with answers - not grow your media spend.

We believe there is as much value in validating what is working, as there is in discovering what is not.