Haus Products

Haus is the world’s first causal inference platform, built to provide brands with decision science tools to uncover how marketing activities impact your business.


Marketing measurement shouldn't be so complicated

Our experiment-led measurement enables you to confidently answer business questions like:

  • What is the true business impact of key marketing channels?
  • At what point am I hitting diminishing returns?
  • What is the right mix of upper and lower funnel media?
  • What is the right way to buy each key platform?

Design and execute experiments on demand

Configure on-demand experiments with the statistical tools & controls to fit your business - including test size, duration, and power.

Quick, actionable insights

We summarize results based on your goals and our benchmarks from 100s of experiments, and how to take action. We can give you answers in 2 weeks, not 6 months.

Use data you already have

Show how marketing drives users and revenues in your own books, and how it directly impacts your bottom line. No user identifiers or modeled attribution needed.

Measure all publishers the same way

The advertising market is becoming increasingly fragmented, with each publisher pitching different solutions. Standardize your measurement across online and offline channels.

Types of Experiments

Diminishing marginal returns
Spend increase/ decrease
A/B - no holdout
New channel launches
Promotions and offers

"We get pitched measurement partners all the time, but Haus felt different. Using their experimentation platform has created immediate business value and given us the credible feedback we need to challenge assumptions and change course with confidence — and we’re just getting started."



Incrementality is not just for acquisition

Incrementality should also be used for customer strategies, retention, offers, and promotions. As acquisition costs rise, retaining customers is just as imperative as acquiring new ones.

Use Haus's CustomerLift product to personalize treatments for your audience and maximize LTV.

Never Takers

will never have a favorable outcome whether or not they are treated

Always Takers

will have a favorable outcome whether or not they are treated


will have a non-favorable outcome if they are treated


will have a favorable outcome if, and only if, they are treated

Identify and Maximize Compliers

Apply state of the art causal machine learning to identify which customers are "Compliers" and will purchase incrementally due to a treatment.

Personalize for Profitability

Learn how to personalize treatments for specified subsets of your audience to drive incremental upsells most efficiently.

Always On Causal Machine Learning

Your model gets better and better over time and will become more efficient and effective the more you utilize it.

Stop wasting money waiting for statistical significance

Haus will help you implement a test and roll strategy that allows you to optimize for profit by using a credible interval instead of a P value. Find wins in days instead of weeks!

"Test and roll is one of the most valuable frameworks I’ve encountered in my career. We were able to get quick insights and condense a 30 day experiment into 3 days!"


Demand Forecasting

Demand forecasting is time consuming with many variables and trends to consider. Without some scientific rigor, these plans can lead you astray.

Increase the accuracy & precision of your forecasts

Haus automates demand forecasting accounting for the effects of your marketing activity, year over year seasonality, recent trends, and current business performance.

We Integrate With Your Data, Wherever it’s Stored

Always-on integrations supported across all major data warehouses